Are there any bandwidth limits?

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No, none whatsoever on our Paid VPN plans.


You are free to use our service as much as you wish for the Paid VPN Packages that you selected.


There are no usage caps and we do not limit or restrict your use in any way. The only exception to our Paid Plans is the use of torrents when connected to countries which rigidly enforce the DMCA, in these countries we have been forced to block torrent downloads.


However, there is a bandwidth limit of 1Mbps if you are on our Free Service among other limitations. For further details, have a look at our page here:


Note: If you wish to use our service to download torrents then you must use our Russian (RUS) or Malaysian (MYS) VPN service, or connect to our torrent cluster.


If you have further queries or need clarification, please contact our support team, for more information.